Monday, 6 July 2020

Tuesday Food Blog - Pasta salad

Sod's Law being what it is I decided to make salad this week just as the weather changed from glorious to unpredictably cool and wet. Still plans have to be made.

Tuna pasta salad


4oz raw fusili
4 spring onions, chopped
5 or 6 cherry tomatoes, halved
3 or 4 baby cucumbers, chopped
150g drained sweetcorn
250 g tuna flakes
salad dressing of your choice

I have not specified the recipe foe salad dressing as I prefer old fashioned salad cream. Some people mix mayonnaise, cream herbs and spicy accoutrements.


There is no trick to making this sort of salad just the odd hint. For example, don't rinse the starch from the pasta as it makes it slippery and seasonings don't adhere. Quite often the recommended cooking time is ignored in an effort to achieve an al dente finish. I find that many fail in this regard producing a hard, unappetising piece of rubber. What I found is that stick to 9 or 10 minutes cooking time but then drain immediately and plunge into cold water and allow to stand for ten minutes. A perfectly firm end product results.

Pasta side with cold pie

Of course without the tuna fish the pasta salad makes a decent accompaniment for other dishes. Above it accompanies cold meat pie but its versatility is endless.

If the weather doesn't improve we'll be back to pies and puddings next week.

God Bless