Monday, 17 June 2019

Tuesday Food Blog - Father's Day treat

It was Father's Day yesterday and I decided to treat myself with lasagne. Well it is unhealthily made with wine, cheese, milk, real beef mince, plus various other trimmings including dark chocolate to enhance the Italian flavours.

Lasagne al Forno

I'm not going to insult my audience by repeating a recipe that I have produced many times with variations. I've even tried to make the dish healthier in the past. I once made it with leek leaves instead of pasta. I have tried Quorn mince, some kind of fungus, instead of the beef. However, I was treating myself for the occasion of being a father 3 times, or is it five, in fact counting in a certain way it came to six.

It turns out that vegan food manufacturers are claiming that sales are up by 22.4% today so I'm making one for the meat eaters. I did halve the quantity of wine but that was because I preferred to drink it rather than cook with it!

I find the Italian meat sauce rich in tomato, oregano, onion and garlic, is a comfort. Which style of pasta you couple it with is a matter of personal choice but the bottom line is use authentic and fresh Italian ingredients.

Afterwards the treats were supplied by my daughter and greatly appreciated.

A Treat

God Bless