Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Poetry Thursday 343 - January

It's only the 23rd and I'm sick of Veganuary and Dryjanuary. My thoughts are below.

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The month selected to be special,
after excesses of celebrations traditional,
to ameliorate the damage to one’s health,
from imbibing in goods that decrease wealth.

So we can spend a month being dry,
avoiding all types of alcohol – well try,
supposedly elongating life’s span,
by following a rather arid plan.

Alternatively 31 days spent without meat,
having nothing produced from animals to eat,
instead grazing on pulses and greens,
enjoying a steak but only in dreams. 

What is the point I’ve wondered,
every time a reminder is pondered,
of such self-inflicted deprivation,
which may re-balance bodily function.

It seems to stem from ‘nanny’ state,
wanting to control the people’s weight,
thus saving the health service millions,
in exercising influence over civilians.

In reality an inefficient exercise,
in behaviour control being actualised,
an accusation of lack of self-control,
of what we’ve put in our food bowl.

Would it be so detrimental,
to allow enjoyment incidental,
without the added imposition of guilt,
which government and media have built.

Instead a different type of January,
not negative but a positive GINuary,
demanding the partaking of alcohol akin,
to Prosecco, beer, whisky and dry gin.
©David L Atkinson January 2019

God Bless