Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Writing - Eclipsed

So the full eclipse of the sun was visible over parts of the USA. In times gone by, more primitive peoples attributed the appearance of an eclipse as an act of God and so on.

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In fact on occasions these celestial events changed the course of history.

Cyaxares v Scythians 585 BC

This was probably the first known example of history being changed. War had raged for six years between Lydia and Media when one day as Herodotus related tells us 'day was suddenly turned into night'. The combatants were so horrified that they stopped fighting and settled for peace.

Larissa (somewhere in modern Iraq)

Around 557 BC an army marching across across Iraq came across the deserted city. Apparently, the inhabitants had been frightened away when the sun disappeared.


There are a number of instances in the descriptions of the apostles of Jesus. Luke tells us that at the time of the crucifixion 'there was a darkness over all the earth' - an eclipse.

1133 - a bad year in England

An annus horibillus in England was attributed to an eclipse. In this case the Saxon Chronicle may well have been jumping on an opportunity. The event occurred in 1135. It was all about succession. Henry I had no sons and one daughter, the throne was fought over by Henry's nephew and sixteen years of anarchy ensued. The Chronicle blamed the eclipse. 
There were similar ructions around an eclipse in this country in 1652. It was predicted and flyers were sent out warning of pending  calamities and mischiefs. 

All of the above examples could inspire!!!

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So watch out USA! We could be writing about you in years to come.

God Bless