Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Poetry Thursday 327

This year's entry to the Poetry Society's annual competition

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The butterfly’s route seems random,
no destination has been discussed,
but the number of intersects is seldom,
despite the all-encompassing trust.

The butterfly’s ultimate destination,
is guided by the need for survival,
and appears an haphazard nutrition,
that is rarely impaired by a rival.

The butterfly’s beautiful progress,
an amazing pattern to behold,
is simply an individual’s access,
to where the food flowers unfold.
©David L Atkinson August 2018

Sampling life

Every day is a lovely day,
whether it be bright and sunny
or grey and dreary,
you’re alive in some way.

It is simply a case of joy,
to observe the commonplace,
in animals and the human race,
with God given senses to employ.

Drink in the near and the obvious,
a butterfly meandering haphazardly,
cars queueing persistently,
taking in points that are curious.

Wallow in the experiences happily,
feel nerve endings begin to tingle,
your heart doing the adrenal jingle,
achieve serendipitous sublime, cheerfully.

Then look for the next opportunity,
to take the benefits from waking,
open your eyes, keep breathing,
love every moment of complexity.

For superficially life is simplicity,
bound together with intricate biotechs,
rendering products most complex,
into delightful eccentricity.
©David L Atkinson August 2018

God Bless