Sunday, 25 September 2011

A big International Thank You

I feel like Uriah Heep - 'umble, very 'umble' My friends and family have got behind my efforts and are supporting me to the hilt but also I need to thank those who have accessed this blog in the UK, USA and Belgium (I wonder where that connection came from?). For me it is brilliant! I hope that I am receiving repeat followers but it is hard to tell as I have not had any feedback from you, whoever you are! So far this blog has been about me and my experiences in self-publishing. The experience has been mixed and I am still trying to go through an agent. The first three chapters are currently with an agent in Cambridge and have been for a while. Apparently this is not unusual. J K Rowling, George Orwell and many other famous and established authors have had similar experiences. Not that I am comparing my ability with that of such famous writers - just the publishing minefield.
In short I would appreciate some feedback on this blog, on the CN website and on Amazon where possible please. My second uploaded manuscript should be the one that any new purchasers receive from the end of last week and I must apologise to those who in good faith purchased the first edition which was a little raw in places. Fundamentally they have not lost out in anything but some corrections of punctuation.
Finally, for today, god bless any repeat followers and once again 'Thank You'