Monday, 26 September 2011

A New Week

Morning all.
What will this week bring I wonder? I hope some news on sales! The reason I say it in that way is because I know for a fact that I have sold copies but they have not, as yet, appeared in my accounts. How slow is CN sometimes! Also the fact that on Amazon, their seller says that the book is not in stock is not helping. Had an email last evening from a friend saying they would try to buy my book later. I got back to them straight away and put them right. The book is printed on demand so is never 'in stock' as such. Also there are two other sellers who say it is available. This publishing lark is a can of worms! The good news is that I have sold more than I thought. What I really would like is to break into the independent International market, particularly the USA. I have a number of folk following this blog in the States it would be wonderful if they spread the word at their side of the pond and started buying.
Other news on the marketing front is that I am attending a church Christmas Fair in November, it is not that far away, and will sell and sign books at that event. I plan to give part of the royalties for church funds. I could do with more of that type of activity. Also I must start work on a press release for local media.
On the writing front I have completed the second book in the Steele series and all I need to do is to settle on a title. Currently it is called 51st State which is hardly original but 51st State UK or something on those lines would be acceptable to me. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
My third Steele novel, The Biter Bit, made a leap forward yesterday. I wrote over 2000 words and moved the plot on considerably. The way I write is very personal, I suppose that is true of all authors, I create a plan and as I write to that the plan develops and so does the book. Occasionally I find that I am moving ahead of my plan and the plot of the story does change. I then adjust the plan and see where the next session takes me. In total I have completed 35000 words.