Wednesday, 28 September 2011


A positive day in many respects. The number of hits on here for one is creeping up, not breaking any records but definite progress. Thanks for those who bother.
On press releases Twitter has been very useful. For those who are self-marketing, which is the corollary to self-publishing, would find a Twitter account very useful. If you want to follow me mine is @dla1950 by the way. I have mentioned before being retweeted by one or two celebrities all you have to do is ask and they have two choices! However, following a local newspaper I asked the question about producing a press release and received a reply in a very few minutes saying send them an email with personal details, information about the book and contact details. I also requested them to let me know when it is published.
Similarly on Twitter I am a member of a choral society, performing in Liverpool Anglican Cathedral this coming Saturday, they retweeted the link to my novel and they have almost a thousand followers. You cannot force people to buy but if you don't put it out there!!!!!
Finally, I sat down and wrote another thousand words of 'The Biter Bit' last evening. Progress on that book, the third, has taken a bit of a leap forward this week. 36k words now I suppose around the half way mark but the plan is pushing forward also; so in my mind I am further ahead and can sit and write when I have the time. I am fortunate in the way I write because, at any given time on my journey through the story I am creating, I can mentally picture what is happening so when I do sit down to work it is not a chore picking up where I left off.
Still have targets to achieve and I have tried to find suitable contacts in the USA and Japan - without success so far - but I will keep trying. If anyone out there has any contacts that they can suggest they would be greatly appreciated. Just post them on a comment please.
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