Thursday, 29 September 2011


A very busy day yesterday but nevertheless interesting and generated a number of positive returns. I spent quite a while on Twitter, and as a result, I gained four more followers. Not everyone of those was of great help in disseminating my book the main booby being some gentleman advertising as an independent reporter working within the White House press corps. We all have to make a living but he wanted $99 for a sponsored retweet! Needless to say I did not choose that option!
The 'Retailers' title comes as an expletive. My book is out there, or so I thought, freely available for purchase and to a degree it is but a buyer needs to know which option to choose. In the case of Amazon they advertise my book at £5.99 then states it is out of stock and they will send the book when it is available. This is not the case, they will not action any effort to sell the book through that link. For those familiar with Amazon, as well as their buying option, their is also a 'New and used' option and that is the one to use. Although it would seem simple enough I have personal experience of a customer telling me that she was prepared to wait until the book is available. I sold her one of my own copies! One area of marketing that is not difficult with Amazon is uploading your book to the Kindle store, that works very well. Apparently there have been similar problems on Ebay also! I have contacted the hierarchy at CN in the hope that they can negotiate a more positive marketing experience for us budding authors.
Still hoping to have some responses from my blog. The number of people reading what I write is increasing but the number of comments is still very low!
My target of breaking into the US market and to establish contacts in Japan is still there and you can help me by passing on information regarding this blog and also my book by sharing the links on your contacts list on Facebook, Twitter and by email. If you would be so kind to comment with information about countries you may have contacts in that would be wonderful. Also any help or advice I can give on self publishing please do ask.
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