Friday, 30 September 2011

A surge of excitement!

'I Have To Get It Right' is moving but slowly. I delivered two and achieved two more sales, I think the personal touch is quite affective. The surge of excitement came from the fact that there was another sale on the Kindle Store backed up by some interesting facts about ebooks and their popularity. There are authors out there, like myself, who have struggled to get into the 'mainstream' of publishing. That is the whole process of persuading an agent to take on your book, finding you a publisher and printing and marketing your book. Self-publishing is frighteningly quick in comparison, so far I have edited, had printed and sold several books and some electronic copies in a month. I read about one author yesterday that has sold over 20k ecopies and not one single hardback or paperback. Even more disturbing there are 'best selling' authors who are worried about getting into ebook publishing. If you think publishing through companies like is quick it actually only took 24 hours to upload and have available my book on Kindle through Amazon's own self-publishing KDP section. Makes your head spin!
In both cases the book remains your property and you have rights to withdraw or upload new editions at will.
The news regarding my targets, that is getting into US and Japan, has born some fruit through Twitter in that I am being followed by some US writers. Still no news on Japan. Anyone who can help please get back to me
@dla1950 - twitter account
Amazon - In the search engine type David L Atkinson and choose either the Kindle copy or go to New and used link. The Book Depository and Aphrohead Books are competing for my sales one is offering it at £2.20 and the other at £2.19! A happy situation if people start to buy more rapidly!
CN link

Please let me know about your experiences or if you have any questions get back to me.