Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Where are my sales?

I spent some time yesterday fiddling with the profile for my blog hence the profile picture. Strange thing to do really as I have never liked my photograph taken and I feel no different about this version! Also having examined the 'Stats' section on Blogger I find I have had hits from Columbia, Russia and Germany as well as the three other countries mentioned in an earlier blog. As the book and Patrick have a strong Japanese element I would be really excited if I got into the Japanese market or at least attracted some interest from there.
News on sales is explained by CN by the fact that they only update the sales section of the website in the month following when the sales were made. Well it is October on Saturday! I was also in receipt of 20 copies of my book - author copies - that have a number of destinations. So I will be able to satisfy my customers as 8 are already spoken for.
As in marketing, when writing it is always useful to have targets, As yet I haven't set a sales target I am principally trying to engage strategies for marketing. I would like to sell as many as possible, obviously, but I need to decide when to publish '51st State', that is put a figure on that event. 1000 copies? At the present rate it could take donkeys years but if my friends over the Atlantic and across Europe would pass on the existence of my book you never know!
In a different part of my life I am singing in Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral on Saturday evening coming and we have a rehearsal tomorrow, Wednesday night, and then again on Friday so I expect writing is going to be on the back burner. I will have to get down to some today.
Don't forget budding customers to ignore the 'out of stock' message on Amazon as the book is printed on demand. click on '3 new from £2.20' just under the Amazon price and that will give you the cheaper option from The Book Depository. It is also available directly from the publisher on the link below just click on the 'Buy' button.
If anyone following has time please pass comment on the blog or the book I would really appreciate that.