Saturday, 24 September 2011

White Smoke!

After a couple of frustrating days trying to chase up where my author copies have got to, late last night I received a couple of emails confirming that I would receive them in the next few of days. That is good news because I have five people waiting for their book some of whom have already paid and I thank them for that. The situation is becoming even more exciting for me because the paperback is available from three sellers on Amazon the cheapest being 'The Book Depository' which is a really big company. How they are doing it at £2.20 + postage I have no idea, but who am I to query their policies.
What I need to achieve now is a wider marketing group and hopefully more of my friends and colleagues passing on their experience of my first published work. When the sales begin to move independently of my efforts, that will be the point at which I publish my second book. So when you have read this check out Amazon, buy a copy and most importantly of all - please tell your friends and colleagues.
Thank you all!