Saturday, 8 October 2011

Another step forward!

At least the steps are forward. I cannot praise highly enough - @CompletelyNovel on Twitter by the way. I have now made my book available as an ebook thanks to the efforts of Georgina Lewis in correcting the many errors I made in achieving this step. The book should be available on a number of electronic platforms shortly.
In reading about ebooks v the mainstream genre of bricks and mortar publishing one author was extoling the virtues of doing both. In her experience once a cash advance has been received very rarely is there very much else in terms of royalties forthcoming whereas, as I mentioned in a previous blog, ebooks never go out of print and are likely to produce a smaller but somewhat more regular income. Here's keeping my fingers crossed.

I had a bit of a lean day with regards to hits on my blog but then I wasn't at home much to push the link to the book. blog or website. However, the general trend is a slow increase in people showing interest Russia being one of the countries that is increasing steadily in the number of hits. I also had a hit from a guy rambling in Switzerland! That is rambling as in 'walking' rather than nattering aimlessly - no comment on that thanks! I also tried another way of establishing links with Japan by contacting the Japanese shop and convincing them to follow the blog. Fingers crossed again!

With regards to writing I did none yesterday but then it is not always possible but I am thinking about it today. There is an annual writing competition that runs for the whole of November. Write a 50k word book in a month ie 1666.666667 words per day! I don't think I have the time to do that! Best of luck to any who fancy having a go.

Keep the faith please and thanks for visiting and reading.

Traditional or Ebooks what do you think?

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