Saturday, 29 October 2011

Bread and butter day!

Some days are sure to be days where writers, anyone really, works! Friday was one of those. I edited another chapter of the 51st State and tended to my mothers needs along with other routine activities. I didn't get to create! I pondered the direction that I am to take with this blog. I mentioned two questions that struck me the other day the first being the death of a pet and the other bullying. The first I dealt with to a degree but the bullying I find more emotive. One supposed fact, when studying the problem as a teacher, is that bullies are often victims and vice versa. Victims become bullies. I dispute the latter. Let me tell you of my own experience.
I was not bullied in primary school, up to the age of 11, for my foreign visitors. However, Grammar school was different, I was not systematically bullied as some poor unfortunate individuals were but I experienced being bullied. The form of the bullying varied according to how the perpetrator sees the potential victim and I can't speak for how they think and why they saw me or others as targets. The bottom line, and this is the most emotive, is that once you have been a victim there is always the potential for that to happen again. Even at my age, on occasions I feel that I'm being bullied. At the simplest level, name calling related to physical appearance is bullying. The really demeaning response is when a victim is accused of being over-sensitive by those trying to support!!
I suppose the affect of bullying is to scar an individual for life. Oh, I know they adopt coping strategies but why should that be necessary? The part of a victim's life that is damaged the most is self-esteem. My lead character, Patrick A Steele, may well be such a victim as he is using the skills acquired in his life to hit back at the 'bullies' that go unpunished.

Very serious stuff! The editing yesterday has now taken on three levels. I alter the font size and I am experimenting with Cambria, I have returned to using indents for all of my new paragraphs and then I read the content aloud. The overall outcome is better looking and a smoother read. The book is still pending approval on Smashwords!

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