Thursday, 6 October 2011

Busy day

I didn't seem to stop all day and made myself turn the laptop off at 10pm. If this was normal work I should have been on triple time by the end. Different news on how much was actually achieved however! No comments from followers yesterday even though I asked questions! A few more visitors than the day before and I think US beat the UK! There are no new countries represented but that is no worry in particular. I made a couple of good contacts of fellow authors in the US and have started following their blogs which provide some interesting information about what a writer should have in place for marketing their books and articles.
1. A blog
2. Facebook
3. Twitter
4. Business cards
5. Website

Apart from business cards I have a full compliment. The business cards are something I am considering but I believe the ambitious author should create A4 handouts that can be scattered appropriately. I also had a look at two different blogs of experienced authors, one who writes as I do, daily; and the other who writes monthly. They both spend various lengths of time creating their blogs. My own feeling is that the blog should not be too long but should contain information and give the opportunity for feedback. Here goes!

Are my blogs fulfilling the above?

I did look into the possibility of adding a newsletter to my website but, not being a webmaster, struggled and gave up on this occasion. If I achieve hundreds of followers then maybe it will be added at a later date!

With regard to sales I decided to try and see where else my book is available and found it on Waterstones and W H Smith websites at the full price of £5.99 but the books are not flying out of the door! A colleague from a few years ago got in touch out of the blue and said that she is going to buy a copy. The not so good news is that alternative sellers seem to have dropped my book and only Amazon are offering it but the link is dead I think!

I have asked, my publisher, some important questions regarding ebooks. I hope to get that completed today if they reply! The have been very helpful but do not always get back as quickly as I would like but then I am not renowned for my patience!

The next couple of days could be quiet. I probably will not write my blog tomorrow because I am having some time with one of my children.  One author who writes a daily blog, who missed a couple of days, received emails enquiring about his health!

I have done some more planning and writing of 'The Biter Bit' - Patrick and his team are off to Italy shortly. The plan was also extended forward because it helps me to keep going. 40k+ words now so approaching two thirds I feel. As that progresses ideas for the next book are beginning to gel but then I am also considering the editing of the second Steele novel. Had a bit of a flight of fancy about a film and who I could see in his role - Sean Bean, Clive Owens, Jason Statham are names that sprang to mind. There's ambitious! If you read the sample on my link to the book, or buy and read the whole thing, maybe you could suggest a suitable thespian!

Have a good couple of days and keep visiting and commenting. Thanks!!!! - book and buy

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