Sunday, 23 October 2011

Character building

When I put pen to paper a couple of years ago my lead character, Patrick A Steele, was already in my mind as a template. I had a strong mental picture of the man, his abilities and his personal traits. Friends have commented on aspects of Patrick, apart from his physical fitness, saying that they can detect bits of me in him. What I did not want was James Bond. I tried to make the man more believable by setting him in an almost normal work situation, as an accountant, and to give him a skill set that is feasible to pick up while at university in England. I was a member of the University Rifle Club and also took part in sailing, walking and various other activities that, with a little licence have been embellished into what Patrick has become.
His personal behaviours then reflect what many of us would like to do but hopefully only in our imaginations. For example there is nothing annoys me more than injustices that go unpunished, or inadequately punished! Society seem to have gone overboard to ensure that criminals 'rights' are not infringed by their punishment. I have one thing to say - what about the victims rights that have been permanently removed by the criminals?

Superb day for visitors  to this blog and a new visitor from Thailand. I am also on course for 1000 by the end of the month with 800+ at present.

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