Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A difficulty overcome!

Sometimes I am a little on the impulsive side which in its turn drives me to a certain short sightedness! Not only that but being male I am not good on reading instructions! Perhaps I shouldn't be admitting that! To cut a long story short I have been pestering the life out of about ebooks and the fact that, although I have released an eversion with them, it had not appeared in Smashwords list. Of course, after weeks of self-inflicted frustration and as with Kindle (KDP), you have to upload it yourself! DUH!!!!!!
That, however, is not the end of the story as it introduced me to what is euphemistically known as the 'meat grinder'. This is a damnable piece of software designed to deny access to the Smashwords list unless your manuscript has successfully attained a certain level of conformity with the embedded rules. Formatting! I sit here this morning with only two further hurdles to leap over to have my book accepted - I think!
The plus side of that is my first Steele novel is in a much more professional state than when originally published and I can only apologise to customers who purchased the very raw first editions. Also of course books 2 and 3 will be all the better for the experience.


There were return visitors from the Czech Republic, I have actually been to Brno, and Canada is leaping up the league table. Of course being a pushy individual I am hoping to attain 1000 visitors today. PLEASE! It is not impossible as I have had over 60 visitors in a day and I need slightly fewer than that.

League Table


My message today - read instruction!!!!

God bless

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