Thursday, 13 October 2011

eBooks v Bricks and Mortar

Another grey and damp morning in the UK that will undoubtedly encourage more scribblings today! The question in my mind this morning is where are my ebooks? I know the version has been uploaded to the distributors catalogues but I haven't seen any take up yet although hard copies are again available through Amazon. Difficulty with CN they only update sales once each month!
That begs the question of what I would prefer, bricks and mortar publishing or ebooks. I think my vanity would like to see more hard copies on shop book shelves! From what I have learned from other authors and as I have mentioned previously, ebooks provide a route to a more regular if smaller income. A writer must make their own choice. One thing for certain is that mainstream publishers need to get their act together with regards to the requirements of potential customers.

Given the choice ebooks or hard copy - let me know please?

A number of friends have asked about research and have I really been to some of the places I talk about in my books. I have been very lucky in my life to have travelled quite a bit and the answer is yes but I was not researching books at the time, well not consciously! I suppose the answer is that anyone can research places very easily with a computer these days but you cannot research everything that way. Google is a wonderful tool particularly Google maps with the accompanying 'Street View'. What it cannot do is tell you about how humid Osaka is in August, - a 2 or 3 shirt day - unless you have had the need to change your shirt that often you cannot research the 'feeling'! Nor when asking directions from an elderly person in Mons in Belgium will it show you the man scribing a map in the sand at the side of the road while pushing a dried up dog turd with his finger. You have to experience places and people and feelings.

Enjoy your meal!

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