Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Good news

Turned on my account at CompletelyNovel.com website and they have uploaded my revised manuscript to the distributers catalogues. Hopefully customers will now see the correct book cover and be able to order through Amazon. My sales for last month have not been uploaded as yet but it could be round the middle of the month.
Interesting day yesterday from several points of view. The number of contacts I am making in the US are increasing. One lady who has written six novels and completed none ready for publishing! She is 85 and determined to make it to 95. She should continue to fly kites! I also had two hits from people in India, another 'new' country on my list and a return of three Russian followers which is brilliant. Again loads of followers from the UK and USA and I thank you all most sincerely. I also receieved some helpful comments. That now seems to be working. If in doubt from the drop down list select 'Anonymous'
Having looked at several blogs by fellow authors and been repeatedly acosted (is that the right word?) by the fact that many have created their own website I started one for myself. The jury is out at the moment! I do not want to pay and Google offer a free service so I started. I suppose if you google my name you will find it but it is under construction.
Finally I spent some time on 'The Biter Bit' and have written another 1500 words or so. Cracked the 40k hurdle so just over half way I think. The reason I am reticent on that is I am going to go over what I wrote yesterday as it all sort of came out in a rush and I believe opportunities were missed! I write in the first person usually but there is a section in which I am writing in the third in this chapter. I feel it is useful to tug the reader out of what is my expected method and have them out of their comfort zone.
Really appreciate followers spreading the word about my book and blog. If you have time I would appreciate comment on the first 15 pages they are free to view on thlink below:-

Twitter - @dla1950

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