Monday, 3 October 2011

Hold your breath!

I was 'fiddling' around with the layout of this page yesterday and so you can now search Amazon from here but I don't know how it works yet! Also there are one or two other gadgets on the page! I had my quiet day yesterday as promised but I still couldn't resist writing a little more of book 3 'The Biter Bit' I am up to 38k words, have finished chapter 14 and started the next. I find it that easy. In fact as I am writing this I have, in another part of my mind, exactly where I am at with the story and exploring what happens next. The beauty of writing is that there are no limits, you can take your book wherever you want within the bounds of your own imagination. One slightly disturbing trend I have noticed among fellow writers is the drive to produce a marketable product. That was not why I got into this art form, I wanted to write for the sake of it and was discussing this with friends over a pint yesterday and told them that with my first book there is more of me in it than subsequent novels and that is because initially I was writing for me. There is nothing deeply personal in there and friends are not identifiable, which is why the question arose, but people who know me well will identify character traits. If it was all about selling books I wouldn't be writing I don't think.
I have been a bit concerned about not receiving comments but my son tried yesterday and he was telling me that he was asked for IDs which he didn't have, I am investigating. Keep trying please folks and if you are following I believe there is an option to click on a 'Follow' button.
Speaking of followers I beat my daily record yesterday, which is satisfying, but then it was only 19 and went up to 21, hardly colossal but a move in the right direction. One of the readers is from Australia, my first from down under. Spread the word please folks. Still no reponse from that great nation in the east - Japan - O onegai shimasu!
Changed the font on my book on the revised copy have a look using the link and tell me what you think

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