Monday, 24 October 2011

I like Mondays!

Now that I'm retired I do like Mondays, in fact it is my favourite day of the week. After 40+ years of work and having to get up on a Monday it's not surprising.

Having written a bit of a taster regarding Patrick A Steele and his character, and I know it was only a taster, the more minor characters that he works with are important to the plots also. The guy who appears in all three books so far is Takuo Sumisu and I will satisfy your curiosity about the Japanese connection. The Japanese culture I find fascinating and the social mores are attractive to an obsessive compulsive like myself! I then had the good fortune of being able to visit Japan, specifically Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima and other places close to Osaka where we were based. I was not disappointed. The people were helpful to a fault, including a policeman who had no English, the country is spotlessly clean and positively oozes respect for people and property. One delightful aspect are the sounds! Even on the tube trains and the Shinkansen, bullet train, when announcements are made and doors open and close there are non-intrusive tinkling sounds that cause you to smile. There was the sad aspect and that was the visit to Hirsoshima!
Ok, so I loved my visit and it has left a significant influence on my life so, almost inevitably there are Japanese characters in all three of my books. The Gurentai a sub-section of the Yakuza, have been 'cleaned up' and figure in the stories. Takuo Sumisu represents them as do a couple of girls that figure for a little love interest. Takuo is a mentor, trainer and advisor to Patrick and a link to the larger organisation.

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