Friday, 28 October 2011

I suppose I will have to buy the second book!

Sweet music to my ears! (the title). I have over a thousand hits on this blog, and only two reviews of my book! People are still so generous, supportive and kind and I appreciate every morsel of support that I receive - unqualified.
I did the editing thing again and as a result of what I have learned from the process of trying to get my book on to Smashwords, it is being reformatted also! I wanted to write today but the best laid plans and so on! However, there are so many ideas out there and two of them have made me reflect in the last couple of days. One of them, about bullying, is very serious and I feel that in my life I have been affected by bullying.
The other is about the death of a much loved pet, Mitzi Gaynor of the Whirlwinds! A pedigree boxer bitch that couldn't be shown because she had a floppy ear! Mum and Dad bought her for me when she was eight weeks old and I was six. We went to the breeder on the bus and when we went to view the pups available, it was Mitzi that chose us! I remember, and this is 1956, Dad put her under his overcoat and we transported her home on the bus. We had that dog for 13 years. One day, when I was 19, I'd come home from college to find the dog, and my parents in some degree of distress. She had lost the use of her back legs! Dad and I took her to the PDSA and they said all that they could do was put her to sleep. She was put to sleep in the winter of 1969. Unless you have owned a pet for that sort of time period it is hard to imagine the devestation one feels when they die. The bottom line is that if I didn't live in a first floor apartment, and had some garden, I would have another dog tomorrow so it can't have been a bad experience!

Does the above constitute a short story? Your thoughts please.

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