Saturday, 1 October 2011

In Limbo

Let's be honest I just really enjoy the process of writing. It is intensely personal, a solitary activity and allows the writer to drift into the far recesses of the mind. Even when writing something that is not fantasy or future orientated the imagination is a tool that sets thinking free. For the last three or four days I have managed to write around 4k words and have spent time on the minor characters attempting to give them more validity and depth. In an effort to give the story a 'fullness' that is satisfying. It could be described as spinning plates because the more characters that need to be maintained the busier the writing process must be. I'm in limbo today because I won't get the opportunity to write more. (Liverpool for a concert at the Anglican Cathedral on a hot and sticky day in DJ etc. Mahler's 8th symphony!)
I revised my first manuscript on 20/09/2011 and it still hasn't been uploaded to the distributor's catalogue so come on CN digitum extractum!