Sunday, 9 October 2011

Interesting 24 hours

Sorry I am late today! Church, pub and lunch have interfered with my usual routine! Yesterday I sold another Kindle copy which appeared on Amazon's records today and I have sorted the ebook it is just waiting to be uploaded to the ISBN database, once again thanks Georgina!
The question regarding whether or not to order more author copies has been answered in that I sold 3 more copies at church this morning I have only four left and for a book signing in November that is not enough. So the order has gone in and all I have to do is wait for them turning up, usually about 10 days but it should be the revised version.

Feedback by word of mouth has started to come in from three different people. Two of them, on separate occasions and away from each other's hearing, have said that they enjoyed the book and it got them to a stage where they couldn't put it down because they wanted to know what happens next. The third said similar nice things but on the central character hoped there was not too much of me in there as Steele has a doubtful moral stand point! I like it! In one respect it follows that the last reader really got into the character enough to ascribe values to Steele's personality. No I have never taken another life at any point in my life, the odd wasp maybe but apart from that not even a spider!

I did do some writing on 'The Biter Bit' My team are approaching Strasbourg!

Do you like the title?

I am also concerned about the title for my second novel that is currently '51st State' There are too many hits on Google for that so I need something punchy and that will help to sell the book. I will publish an acknowledgement in the book to the person who comes up with something suitable. It is about the subservient relationship the UK has with the USA and Patrick Steele's efforts to force a wedge between the two countries. I am hoping to publish by the middle of November. Get back to me please.

I would love some constructive feedback on 'I Have To Get It Right' on Amazon or with my publisher, the link is below as usual.

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