Monday, 10 October 2011


Definitely a good sales day. Again it was down to my in-built pretentiousness or is it being aware of opportunities and seizing them when they arise! A friend who had bought a book previously and finished it asked me to sign it for him  which I did publicly and immediately two others asked for copies as did a third and fourth eventually. I suppose when you have to sell your own goods it raises that awareness.

It was interesting listening to the Bishop of Wakefield last evening, no I'm not name dropping honest but he has produced a non-fiction book about Cathedrals and Abbeys in the UK and his sermon was definitely from the book! I sometimes think my friends and relatives must be getting fed up of my 'sermon' I can only ask them to bear with me and pass the message on to their relatives and contact lists as well as you visitors.

Not a good day on the blog yesterday but I did have some interest shown in the website. I did not really manage the blog or Twitter and that seems to be necessary to maintain interest. The weather is so bad here today that I do not think that will be in question.

Ebook still waiting to be added to ISBN database so not yet available outside the Kindle Store but shouldn't be long now.

Keep the faith

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