Sunday, 16 October 2011

Literature Festival!

Twitter supplies some interesting information. I was on yesterday when a message happened to refer to the Morley Literature Festival which ends today! That was the first I had heard of it so I decided to go along but of course because I had been unable to book tickets for particular events it was of limited value. However, I did meet another author, Michael Sutton, and it threw up a different experience in self-publishing. He had written quite a number of books and told me that some of them had cost him up to £1400 to publish. The quality was better than but recouping his outlay is going to take him a long time!

Quite an exciting day in that I have now had over 500 visitors to this blog but you are awfully shy about commenting and joining the site. Four new countries represented, France, Ukraine, Netherlands and Sweden which I find exciting it would be great to sell some ebooks in these different countries. I also received some very positive feedback from an author who 'would love to read more of my work'

Please help with a title for my second book (see yesterday's blog for details) and put your suggestions in Comments!

Laid in bed watching an orange sunrise when a skein of geese flew over my apartment towards the rising sun.
Have a wonderful Sunday.