Monday, 31 October 2011

Love interest!

I received some very complementary feedback from a couple of people who have read my first Steele book. The significant one for this blog was about the 'love interest' for our hero. That got me to thinking about how it actually became part of the story. Looking back at my planning 'love interest' never figured. Having said that my planning is a strange and metamorphosing beast. I have never written anything in the slightest bit romantic previously and so I was never sure how it was going. The nature of the relationship is not central to the story but is important and 'softens' the atmosphere for a period. That is one reason for its inclusion, the second is to bring a little more humanity to Patrick A Steele and finally it makes the story more attractive to a wider range of readers if only in a small way.

I was pleased about the commentary I received from the lady reader because it had certainly worked for her and so, even though the second Steele novel is complete and being edited currenly, I am fairly confident that the relationship that I have included in this book will be equally acceptable.

In fact yesterday was a good book day. I sold four paperbacks, three at church and one to a near neighbour as a result of distributing my business cards. There were over fifty visitors to my blog but I am not selling enough by recommendation to a secondary level of customer. There have been a number of downloads of the free 15% on Smashwords but I am still waiting for the book to be moved up to the Premium level and that may be facilitated with some positive recorded feedback by readers on that website,, Amazon and Kindle.

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