Saturday, 15 October 2011

Nuts and bolts

I suppose this is what everyday has become for me since self-publishing. I check sales, visits to my website and this blog including any comments readers may have left. They are quite pleasant tasks really.
Add to the above writing towards my third book 'The Biter Bit' and editing the second currently called '51st State' which I am not altogether happy with and would appreciate comment on. To help generate that see the question below.
I have written about 46k words of the third book and already I have an idea on a slow burner for the fourth. I have edited the first three chapters of my second book.

Please read the short synopsis below and if you can help with a title please leave it in the comments section. - Thanks

51st State - Patrick A Steele is anti USA and its influence over the UK and begins to work on ways of driving a wedge between the two countries. He involves the French and German security agencies and carries out activities both at home and in the US as well as revealing CIA and Military activities in the UK to the authorities.

One of the comments in response to yesterdays blog about success was that somewhere it takes 10000 hours to achieve, that is around 467 days, so I have a way to go yet! Another country entered my world map of visitors and that was Sweden - welcome and thank you. I am also approaching 500 visits to this site which I am hoping to achieve today so a big thank you to all who have taken the time and the trouble. God bless you all.




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