Saturday, 22 October 2011

One's Place in the writing world.

Interesting question from a writing colleague yesterday and one that I want to throw back at you all for your opinion:-

When is an author amateur or professional?

My own feeling is that once you have sold a book you become professional and I would also say that in fact there is no such thing as an amateur author. If you write something that someone else wants to read then you are the author of the work. I think amateur is not a word you can slap on the art of writing, maybe competent or incompetent, popular or the opposite and so on. Interested to read your thoughts.

I received another element of my portfolio for marketing my books  - meishi ga arimasu - an important statement in Japanese meaning I have a business card! Actually 250 with calendar on the back and for under £10 from Vistaprint, with free metal card case. Managed to give some out last night as well. Speaking of which I received unexpected comments about my writing from two equally unexpected sources. A chap at the Choral Society mentioned that he heard I am an author and asked if he could read the book online and of course he received a business card. In the pub, I keep telling my mother it is a social situation and not one just for the consumption of alcohol, an acquaintance reported that he had read my first chapter online and then proceeded to quiz me about what had been my ideas behind various aspects of what he had read. I am pleased!

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Have a good writing and reading day - God Bless

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