Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Patience is a Virtue

Ohio gozaimasu, Wilkommen, Bonjour etc.

What a day yesterday was! The request I made for information on feedback bore fruit in more ways than one. It is obviously, and unsurprisingly, a topic that is very close to a writer's heart. I had over 60 visitors to my blog, tripled the number of comments received, had a 5 star comment on CompletelyNovel.com and made a contact who has recommended my book to all her followers. Thanks Jo von Bargen!

Such a positive day all round even in the realms of selling ones product. I was beginning to feel that I would never reach amazing figures for sales, and I still may never achieve that, but I am not alone and fellow writers are having similar experiences. The message is keep trying and I will certainly do that as the process of writing is what I enjoy, the selling of my work would be an added bonus and has been in a limited way up to now. I have had quite a number of positive and supportive comments from friends and colleagues and what I need for them to do now is recommend my work to others on their contact lists in turn.

I also had positive results on the editing front. Friends and family have jumped into that void and are offering assistance currently the first 3 chapters of 51st State are away being looked at and that should eliminate the odd missed spelling or grammatical error I have published in 'I Have To Get It Right'. This is a learning curve and if bricks and mortar publishers are reluctant then the help of ones significant others is essential. The brain is a fantastic tool but it overplays its hand on occasions, filling in gaps when one really needs to see where those gaps are.

Which title 51st State/Washington's Annexe or something else? Please let me know.

Finally welcome at long last to some Japanese visitors and also someone from Mexico your attention is greatly appreciated.

If you have bought my book please give feedback on Amazon if you have an account there or on CompletelyNovel.com

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