Thursday, 13 October 2011

Quality or quantity?

Should you write as much as possible as quickly as possible? I have read books by brilliant authors that are not their best work. Some authors begin their career with a brilliant book and maintain their brilliance others start slow and improve and a third group start brilliant and never quite regain their initial success. I feel for this third group. The real question is which group do I fit into? The answer is that no author knows until the sales start to take off or not?
I have produced a book, I believe the overall concept to be good and I have had feedback confirming that, however, I feel that my second and third book are better in style. As a writer I am rather raw but improving. That is how I see what I am trying to do. I would never have described myself as an author but I write every day what else is an author? I have completed 2 novels and I am 2/3rds through the third.
How do we measure success? Sales! Did Charles Dickens do that? Tried to read 'Barnaby Rudge'? But what about 'A Christmas Carol' 'Great Expectations'? Ridiculous to the sublime!
I have read books by Ian Rankin, Ian Fleming and yes Charles Dickens that I consider less than brilliant. Other books in their portfolio are brilliant.
Joanne Harris achieved success through her 3rd book 'Chocolat' written 10 years after her first novel 'The Evil Seed' in 1989.
Plenty of evidence that being a successful author does not come with the first book.

I have the feeling that I am meant to write, I enjoy the process and I would love to achieve some level of recognition but it won't stop me writing even if it is only for myself!

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