Sunday, 2 October 2011

A Quiet Day

Well it was far from quiet with regards to what I was doing but I didn't write a word or sell a book. I know today will be better because I have three copies to take to church!
Completely Novel, my self-publishing company, have responded to a couple of questions I have asked. The point about uploading my revised manuscript to the distributors catalogue is being looked into and the way in which Amazon and the like advertise the book, ie out of stock, and do not respond to orders is being investigated also.
I need a quieter day myself so that I can regroup after what has been a hectic week but one of the ways I relax is to write, I don't find it a chore! The action will move back to the Bordeaux region of France!
The number of contacts I have in the US is on the increase and I am grateful for that - I just need to start selling over there. There has been an increase in the number of followers in Belgium and Russia which is wonderful.
C'mon people let me know what you think. You can read the first 15 pages on the link below.

My Twitter account is @dla1950
Please circulate my information across your contacts in all social networking sites.
Thanks everyone.