Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Settings and the like!

Over 900 visitors now - thank you all.

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I also received the offer for an interview with IndieZone!

Now that all sounds very positive but personally it was a day of ups and downs. The upside being completing the editing of the first three chapters of 51st State. The downs are past and should be left there!

So the setting of a story. How did I arrive at northeast England, Osaka in Japan, and Le Marche in Italy? The short answer is that it developed as I was writing and also from personal experience. I have been fortunate in my life to have travelled a good deal and have visited Italy and Japan and I was born and raised in Sunderland in the northeast of England. As a writer I always felt that the trite phrase 'I have a book inside me' was true for me and so it was inevitable that the northeast and Yorkshire, where I live now, would figure. Also one of my favourite countries that I've visited many times is France and so it was sure to figure strongly in my writing. Someone once told me that I should write about what I know. So why Italy? Well I have visited the country on one occasion and enjoyed it immensely and my favourite film is 'The Godfather' hence the mafia connection. I chose the Le Marche region to offer a different slant. Finally, Japan - read yesterdays blog!

Where would you be drawn to in your writing?

My book is available on CompletelyNovel.com as an ebook and paperback and also in Amazon and the Kindle Store. Hoping to publish 51st State by the end of November.

God bless

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