Friday, 7 October 2011

What a sales pitch!!

Interesting happenings yesterday. It started early as well! Now I have never considered myself a sales person, how PC is that, in fact when I worked in a situation where I had sales targets to meet I used to oscillate between hitting them and not on almost a monthly basis. I must have been the bane of my manager's lives. Being in a positive frame of mind I was on my way to a newspaper office, that turned out to be closed, via another store and was carrying a copy of 'I Have To Get It Right' under my arm. That stimulated a conversation with the shop assistant who then said she would buy one from the Kindle store - pretentious or not?

What is your best sales pitch?

I sold a copy to our local vicar as well as the above adventure so quite pleased with myself. I am at the point where I need to order some more author copies.

I have finally found out how to produce an ebook with my publisher CN but the system crashed - more frustration! A fellow writer reckons that even best selling authors should produce ebooks because they never go out of print and provide a steady income of sorts and, what is more important it is free to upload. Try Smashwords, Nook and Kindle Store (KDP).

Managed to write some more for the latest book - Patrick and friends are haring across France and by devious route heading for the Italian Adriatic Riviera.
Publishing this without proof reading. Apologies for the mistakes!!

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