Monday, 17 October 2011

When is Feedback - Feedback?

The link above is to the first 15 pages of my first novel which is free to access.

I have had some feedback from a number of people, authors and readers which has been very positive and for which I'm grateful BUT!!!!!!!!! There is always a 'but'! How on earth does one attach it to the novel without it looking like it is coming from me?

How do I drive feedback to my book?


"Please hurry up and write some more books about Patrick A Steele"

"Enjoyed what I have read looking forward to reading more"

"Great to read about places I have never been to myself"

"Unique concept for a hero"

All great to receive but as yet not affecting sales. Speaking of which I have only 1 author copy left from the last batch and have ordered more - again a positive situation. I have edited the first 5 chapters of my book and passed on 3 chapters to a friend who said that he is willing to help me through the pain of editing. When one edits oneself the brain is very clever in that it fills in the gaps and that is why mistakes are missed.

My 'visibility' is improving in that I have 120 people following me on Twitter and have had over 550 visitors to my Blog with 8 people who have 'Joined' which again I thank everyone for but you are all dreadfully shy about answering my questions!

I plan to get back to some more writing on 'The Biter Bit' today and I have added more information to my website about what is going on in all three of my books.

God bless you all for your support.


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