Thursday, 27 October 2011

Yesterday's problem - todays success!

Good morning all and that is a lot of you for which I am grateful. At the time of writing 996 visitors! The more the merrier. I am also receiving comments and answers to questions and that is positive however:-

Can you feedback on my book on CN or Smashwords please?

Yes the clue is in the question. I finally have managed to fight my way passed the meat grinder and upload the manuscript.  Proportionally, when you  consider how long it takes to write a book, it was quite short but so frustrating when you think that you have it right and it comes back with 'Needs Submission' which is their speak for 'crap try again'. Still waiting approval though!

As a result of the editing frenzy over the last couple of days I haven't managed to write anything but I hope to correct that today. Patrick is in a familiar situation and is about to pull the trigger that could start a gun battle!

I know this is not about writing per se but I went to bed last night laughing out loud which, when you live alone could sound a bit manic to the neighbours! (Perhaps I should try horror!) It is an age thing. I went to a well known diy shop and because I am over sixty and it was Wednesday I received 10% discount and a plastic card! I realised last evening that I am obtaining a number of age related cards. Free bus pass, Health supplement card, Chemist card and DIY card - is there a common theme there?

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The Canadians have leap frogged the two below thank you all.

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