Thursday, 24 November 2011

Cement works!

Things That Impress

I sing with a bit of a choir! When we are all present around 220 singers and we can make quite a racket. We have also travelled to various parts of the world performing most recently in Japan, France and the Czech Republic. The sight that impressed me was in the last of these countries in June of about 2006 I think. Unlike some places I have been to like Paris, Niagara Falls and Turkey the place I am thinking of is ordinary, mundane, everyday you might say.
We flew from Manchester in the UK to Prague in the Czech Republic and then by coach from Prague to Brno a journey of around three hours. It was on that journey on the coach that we were all amazed and amused by something that we saw.
Usually these places, for this is an industrial works producing ready mixed concrete and cement, are grey and disinteresting overlaid with a fine dust that eminates from the factory itself. There is such a site in the green countryside of North Yorkshire and even the trees, grass and shrubs are covered in this blight. This was not the case on the road to Brno. I can't remember when I have seen colour and art used so effectively to mask an eyesore, but this was spectacular.
The tall chimneys, industrial buildings and office block were decorated in pastel shades depicting Disney characters. The delivery wagons with the large revolving drums on the back were also painted in the same way. What still amazes me 5 years on is that someone had the optimism and forethought to create such a pleasing edifice. That he or she should have even have bothered is testimony to their imagination.
That is the type of positive impression that inspires.

Other stuff

I received the first box full of copies of my second book 'The 51st State' today, Wednesday that is. I also had some good conversations on twitter that resulted in a promise of a book review tomorrow.

I must thank the large number of Canadian followers and the small but regular followers from countries such as France and Germany. The friendliness and support I have received is heartening and greatly appreciated.

I have moved the links to my sites below and there are free offers on both books and on Smashwords.

God Bless and a Happy Thanksgiving Day to those celebrating.

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