Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A dull Tuesday in November!

I was a little neglectful of writing yesterday! Still achieved a significant number of visitors to this blog including one from Croatia. More of that later.

There was a little sad news in that the last of 4 or was it 5 cats that I was a member of staff for had to be put to sleep yesterday. Always sad but he was quite old - RIP Sebastian. He was actually bought from a pet shop around 16 years ago as a companion for a ginger tom that one of the children had brought home from work experience and cost £10!
Remember 'dogs have owners and cats have staff'

Travel Tales

A group of us boarded a mini bus in Buffalo US to take part in a tour of Niagara Falls. The young, attractive tour guide was pleasant and efficient and in no way over the top. She took us to various points on the river below the Falls and was very knowledgable about the technicalities and history of this amazing wonder of the world.
As part of the experience, and I would advise anyone who has never seen them to include a visit on their 'bucket list', we had paid extra for a trip one the 'Maid of the Mist'. Our tour guide boarded us on to a large lift (elevator) along with another party and their guide. For the next 30 seconds or so, it seemed longer, the guide from the other party, a man, regaled our guide with poetry! He recited loud and long much to the obvious embarrassment of the subject of his affections and he continued to be revoltingly sugary every time we ended up near his group.
The journey on the little boat to the foot of the Falls was brilliant. We all had been given the obligatory blue plastic cover alls that were no more than plastic bags really, but they did the job. It is the first time I have ever been completely surrounded by water without swimming in it or being drenched in a rain storm. I enjoyed the experience immensely.
The tour was not over then as we crossed to the Canadian side and viewed from their side from the tower, who's name escapes me at this moment. All in all a great experience.

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