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This a link to the first 15 pages of my 2nd Steele novel 'The 51st State'. The first 15 pages are readable online you might find it useful to your arrow keys to move up and down the pages. There is the option to review on the right hand side of the page. The link below is to my first book with similar facilities is below:-

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Travel Tale

Back to the Chateau de Vic the amazing mansion we had hired for a fortnight situated near Carcassonne. There were children in our party so some of the ornaments, particularly in the dining room were put away for safety! In fact we never ate in that room because everything had an expensive look to it but we were drawn by the mysterious enclosed spiral staircase in the corner! A writer could make a lot of that!
We tended to eat in the kitchen, round the pool by the barbecue or on the terrace outside the main entrance with a view of the Pyrenees. Being in the south of France and near the mountains the weather took great swings in it's nature from hot and humid to torrential downpours and so was in itself dramatic.
Next door to the main house was a run down and potentially dangerous private chapel that had obviously been built around the same time as the house. The sort of place that one might find a body! Touring the grounds the woods provided narrow walkways in slightly cooler conditions and took you down to the river or on to the fields where the horses were grazed.
Then there was the pool itself and the wildlife. It was a beautiful pool and for the most part seemed clean. We all used it daily as did the coypu and water voles! It would seem that the large rodents left the river to use the pool as their toilet before returning home! We found and removed a water vole one morning and had occasion to dodge the odd horse fly, but overall it was brilliant.

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