Saturday, 26 November 2011

Friday was quiet!

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I suppose today's blog has to be about the Christmas Fair at my church. A bit parochial but important to me and has been for a long time. I am signing and selling books and making a donation to church funds for every copy I sell. I have copies of both books that I have published on in paperback.

One factor that must not be forgotten is the amount of support received from friends and family in this venture. Where we go from here I really do not know.

Smashwords, a company that offer free uploads to every electronic device known to man but then puts you through an amazingly slow and complex meat grinder that a writer has to negotiate to try and get uploaded, has my manuscript for 'I Have To Get It Right' and is showing 1200+ views in the last 48 hours!I think I'm pleased!

Things That Impress

Whale watching off the eastern seaboard of the USA. A fantastic experience and like my sojourn across Eire began in the mist!
There was a party set off from Boston out into the Atlantic Ocean to go whale watching. We travelled for around an hour and a half in sea that was as calm as a mill pond but with visibilty down to around 50 yards. Now the excursion organisers had obviously done the trip many times before and had marked the area with buoys. Now in the mist these buoys were just large grey shapes! We were not in a vessel the size of the Titanic, in fact a lifeboat from that stricken ship would have been as big!
So when one of our kids yelled 'I can see one' and rushed to one side of the boat the whole party went across to that side of tour boat and almost capsized us! Needless to say she was a little premature.
It was around another half hour before we got to see these wonderful creatures!

Why do humans have the need to see whales and dolphins?

The experience itself was great. Something I will never forget but I haven't got why as yet! These creatures, and we saw 13 humbacks and 1 Minky, blessed us witn their presence. They 'waved' and performed in other ways, bubble fishing and so on, but the feeling I got was that they were doing us a favour by turning up!
There is no doubt that the humpbacks are massive but I feel that it wasn't the size, the fact is that they were in control. They all have different markings on their flukes and as such are identifiable but we were there dancing to their tune! Amazing!

What has this to do with being an author? Having had this experience I have experienced a feeling of awe aand also helplessness. I can use that in my work. Helplessness - they are so large one could have sunk us - there were 12 more. We as humans have a need to see them, admire them and in some measure worship their existence but we have to go to them and quite a long way. I don't want to worry anyone thinking of going on this type of trip but 50 miles out to see surrounded by these enormous beasts ina relatively flimsy craft! Speaks for itself. Sleep well!

God Bless

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