Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I write therefore I am I think!

League Table - What is this?

I must apologise to those followers who were unclear about the relevance of my 'League Table'. Really it is for my own innocent interest. Not long after beginning this blog I was so gratified by the numbers and range of visitors that I wanted to record where the people reading this are from and so I try to mention new countries and also the most regular countries represented. I suppose it is as much an expression of gratitude to all those visitors as anything and although it will not drive up visitors from any one country it satisfies my inner psyche! I am a very competitive person once I become involved in a project and I have been influenced by league tables in my life. So here goes for today:-

USA                   709
UK                     565
Canada                 61          
Russia                   40
Germany               34
Belgium                 27

The figures are the actual numbers of visitors. Thanks for the input.

Any further comments please get back to me.

Travel Tales

I was reminded of a visit to Cairo the other day. A party of us went for a week to a wedding in October around 16 years ago. It was a fascinating and educational experience that, on more than one occasion, had the adrenaline coursing through my veins. There are three or four experiences I could relate and may well get back to in the future but I decided to tell the step back in time that was the visit to a perfumery near the foot of the pyramids. For those who have never visited those fantastic edifices they are very close to the city of Cairo and so when I say that the perfume shop was at the foot it may have been a couple of hundred yards away.
We were issued into this perfume shop and welcomed by an exceptionally large Egyptian gentleman wearing a red fez. He was dressed in a suit and reminded me of Sydney Greenstreet a mid 20th century actor. The shop was more of a salon and we were seated on red, plush covered benches facing each other with mein host patrolling up an down between us displaying his wares. The overall impression was of gold and sparkle and a heady aroma of sweetness and flowery odours.

After around an hour of being regaled we purchased tiny bottles in presentation boxes at what was probably exorbitant prices although I can't remember how much they cost. The relevance to writing is that the scene in the shop was so full of colour and scents that it evokes a range of adjectives useful when creating similar situations in writing.

God bless

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