Thursday, 17 November 2011

Like a dog with two tails!

The above is a link with 15 free pages to my 2nd book 'The 51st State'. You can review the book by clicking on the link on the right of the Book Streamer.

The link below is to my 1st book and works the same as above.

This may seem pathetic but I was so excited last night. I received a text from a fellow USA writer, Jo King-von Bargen a poet, who has bought a paperback copy of 'I Have To Get It Right'. That is my first independent paperback sale and I'm very grateful to Jo.

Travel Tales

As I described yesterday Chateau de Vic had a number of aspects that were very mysterious, the concealed and very narrow spiral staircase, the crumbling chapel, dark woods in the grounds and so on.
One night the young adults decided to go for a night out! They set off in the warm, early evening sunshine. The rest of us had been out for a meal in Carcassonne itself and returned in the dark as it had started to rain! The electric gate whined shut behind us, we parked the vehicles under the trees and made a dash for the house as the heavens opened! When it rains in this location it is often a torrent and is not particularly warm even in the middle of summer. This night was exceptional because the deluge was accompanied by a violent thunderstorm and the youngsters were out in it!
It was around midnight when they returned home rather the worse for wear! They had a good time in the town and were unsteady on their feet and forgetful! They couldn't find the key that pened the gate and ended up climbing over it! They managed to wake one of us who went down to let them in just as the storm reached its peak. Almost inevitably, it was at that point that the electricity went off!
The result was spectacularly hammer house of horror! The lightning flashes intermittently lit up the imposing hallway through the glass cupola high above us. The thunder crashed and echoed round the old house and a window could be heard crashing against a wall in the howling wind. It sobered up our miscreants quite quickly and also woke the youngest members of our party.

The following morning we found a broken window and decided to report it to the owner of the property who lived in the converted stable block behind the main house. 10.00am when we knocked on her door! She greeted us wearing a long black dress, smoking a cigarette in a holder and holding a martini! Our French wasn't bad and, with what must have been surprised expressions, we reported that the window had been broken. With a typical Gallic shrug she turned and rather wobbled back inside closing the door behind her and leaving us puzzled as to whether we had conveyed our message successfully!

God Bless

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