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Things That Impress

There are many different ways in which the imagination can be stimulated by such events as this one. There is the purely visual; the deprivations suffered by the men in the trenches; and, the terrors of mining beneath the soggy earth and almost literally bumping into the enemy in that situation.

Vimy Ridge, France

The 'lumpy' landscape resuts from shell craters being overgrown by grass! The shelling was aimed at trenches full of soldiers and at times the opposing forces were only a few yards apart! The situation became so desparate that the Canadians brought in Welsh miners to dig tunnels under the front line towards the top of the ridge so that they could get behind the Germans and attack from that advantageous position. Why Welsh miners? They were considered the best at tunnelling. Unfortunately, the German forces had decided on the same course of action and they met somewhere under the ground you see in the picture.
The imagination cannot fail to be nudged into gear by the wet, muddy, bitterly cold and hazardous conditions that men on both sides were suffering at this time. Coincidentally, the time I visited the site was in the month of October and it was icily cold, driven by strong wind, with occasional showers.

The Canadian Memorial at Vimy Ridge. This memorial was erected to comemorate a battle that took place in April 1917 and has over 11000 names inscribed on its surfaces. Canada lost over 66000 men during the First World War.


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