Monday, 7 November 2011

The next phase.

After quite a successful weekend with regards to editing my Smashwords version and this is the link - . I also sold another paperback copy and received an order as well. A third customer brought her book back to be signed and said that she is interested in having the second book when it comes out. This is all quite positive but it leads on to what next! Well to begin with I need to drive people towards my books and try and persuade them to rate and review. From the positive face to face comments that I have received it is worth my while to do so. I realise that selling the odd paperback every week or so is never going to achieve greatness, best selling lists or the Mann Booker prize! That is not what I am in it for! If I was pinned down as to precisely what I am trying to achieve I would find that difficult to answer. My measure of success this Monday morning would be a steady flow of purchases that were not driven, or to friends and relatives, it is buyers from the second level of customers. If one imagines the market we're trying to attract as authors, it is akin to a series of concentric circles and friends and family making up the inner circle, the next being friends and acquaintances of the first circle and so on.
I would just add a thank you here for the patience of my immediate significant others putting up with the assault on Facebook and Twitter!

Travel Tales

Have you ever tried to find a place that readily takes Visa credit card to dispense cash in Osaka, Japan? It was not easy! MasterCard is the preferred card of choice and at that time I did not have that type. Also, rather unsurprisingly, not many people in Japan speak a lot of English and at that time I spoke no Japanese, a position I am striving to change. Setting off from the hotel one hot and sticky August morning I decided that I needed some more yen. I soon spotted a couple of policemen in uniform standing guard outside a bank-like building. By a system of hand signals and waving of my credit card I tried to convey what I needed. The two very patient men caught on quite quickly and again by indicating with their hands pointed me in the direction of what turned to be a post office. I set off in the required direction which wasn't far as it happens and stopped, rather confused, in front of a multi-storey car park! I must have looked unsure when I left the policeman for I felt a tap on my shoulder and there he was, having followed me, smiling and pointing to a post office under the overhang of the car park.

This is just one example of the repeated kindness from the residents of Osaka that our party were recipients of in the few days we were there. Arigatoh!

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Three visitors from Thailand yesterday.

God bless.