Friday, 4 November 2011

Places I've been to!

What I have not done to date is to try to identify what the initial trigger was that fired me up to want to write. I began a novel a number of years before 2009 that never actually passed the planning stage, I may go through with it at some time in the future, but it very rapidly transferred from Yorkshire to central France. The three books that I have written, or I'm in process of writing, all have a strong travel element and I think that is the stimulus. It is true that I am an avid reader of almost everything written and that will also have had an influence, but I think it is the travel.
So where have I been? Well for an ordinary working class lad I have been exceedingly lucky and it may be easier to mention places that I haven't been LOL! Namely South America, Australasia, China and Russia! That list is not exclusive! The point is the travel consists of so many more extreme experiences than doing what you normally do in life. Travelling consists of journeys, staying in different places, experiencing different cultures and talking to a whole different set of people. All of these situations take place through heightened awareness that I find enhances memory which in turn helps me describe with more feeling for atmosphere. They also provide situations that looking back provide sources of humour.
There was the time I went to Majorca, in October on a package holiday,and the travel rep who was Spanish complained of flu' and then was criticised long and loud by one of the group travelling about the fact that his suitcase had been scratched in transit! At the time it was frustrating but looking back it was slightly ridiculous.
There were scary times too when walking through Cairo and being called by name by a total stranger that must have been listening to conversations in the lobby, needless to say we returned to the hotel rapidly.
What I am not saying is that if you have never travelled that you can't write. For me it was one of the key factors in beginning to write and I love including places that I know. There are places I have not visited for example Le Marche in Italy, although I have been to a different part of the country, that I have researched by other means. For me though I just like it!

Spent time yesterday working on a book cover for 'The 51st State' or is it going to be 'The Enemy Within'? I have also started my 'Author's Toolkit' that contains  various pieces that need to be applied to a book eg blurb about myself etc.

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