Thursday, 17 November 2011


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Travel Tales

There were many amusing incidents and interesting excursions while we were on this holiday but one of the most humorous was an evening spent at an historical sound and light show half way up a mountain somewhere further east of Chateau de Vic.
It has to be remembered that this was the month of August and we were in the south of France. It was cold! Some of the more mature ladies had jackets or woollens that warded off the chilly night air but us tough guys were dressed in shorts and t-shirts. The story was around Guy de Montford and his battles at the time that the Pope was resident in the area.
I suppose it was very well put together with the bushes to our left and right 'speaking' the story to us supported by local people carrying torches and marching up and down the mountain across the valley from where we were sitting. Sitting or rather perching on a beam no more than 3 inches wide! This was for a total of two hours and the narration was in French, hardly surprising, only some of which I understood and we were all of a standard.
After 15 minutes we'd all had enough and, the power of group dynamics being what it is, did nothing about leaving. Well in that situation people tend to think initially, well it will be over soon, and 'I have paid for this!
Needless to say we all stuck out the two hours and shivered enthusiastically. We have laughed about the situation since! Honestly!

Have you any holiday nightmares to report?

God Bless

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