Friday, 4 November 2011

Publishing day!

My aim to publish and have copies available by the end of the month is still on target. The manuscript is uploaded and I am working on the book cover which I find a nightmare and the danger is that the cover is less than what I am satisfied with. It is probably the hardest part of self-publishing for me! That is the good news so far today.
The bad news today is that I have to further polish the manuscript of 'I Have To Get It Right' for Smashwords - The Meat Grinder is after me again! It could cause one to scream!!!!!

The formatting of the manuscript is a continuous learning experience and imagine my shock when I had adjusted page size and margins which then produced a book of over 700 pages! I contacted the expert at CN, Oliver, and he was brilliant with his suggestions about line gap, margins and font sizeand type while maintaining a professional looking finish. Had I done anything useful?   Well yes I wrote the words!!!!

It is quite a thrill that the I'll have 2 books in the Steele series published, a veritable novice, and I am well on with the third. I know the few people that have bought so far have enjoyed the first one that was, in the beginning only for personal consumption. I feel sure that the second 'The 51st State' will be a more polished article in its production. I feel like I am making a contribution.

The third book is progressing and I am mentally preparing the next stage. It's one of the strategies I use and it gets me off to sleep at night! I revise where I am in the story and then as I am falling asleep I think about where the characters are going next. Then I am prepared to write and the ideas have gelled in my mind, so I am not searching for inspiration. The drawback is that when I begin writing it is so quick that I have to go back and work the notions that I have got down on the screen at a later date.

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