Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Touching on the importance of relationships in my last blog it brings me on to the things that happen in relationships and how they influence what we write. When an event, for instance, the birth of a child, the death of a relative and there are many more examples, occurs we feel more deeply than if the same happened to a friend or acquaintance. That is me stating the obvious. We are all subject to such events and the feelings associated with them.
When we are writing and wishing to develop the humanity of our characters it is important to tell the reader about how the characters feel in certain situations. At that point we need to draw on our own experiences and examine how we have responded in such situations. Looking inward and being honest with ourselves about those feelings will be transposed into the character in our stories and be perceived by the readers of our books. It is one way of developing realism in the characters which is so important in producing stories the readers can identify with.

Anything in addition to what I have described please let me know.

I had quite a busy day editing. Completed three more chapters of 'The 51st State' I am on course to have the book available by the end of November and so the Christmas market. It has meant that there has been no writing of the third novel for a few days!

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