Tuesday, 22 November 2011



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Link to my second book newly released. Same rule as above!


A 5 Star review on Amazon Kindle!

I have an exciting week ahead. I realise it is all relative but for me the smallest progress, praise or sales movement gives such a boost. 'The 51st State' has started to sell - 1 on Kindle and 2 reservations that I shall be able to fulfil this weekend. Then on Friday last week there was an announcement in our local newspaper about the first book and a forthcoming Christmas Fair at my church where I will be available to sign copies for a fee tat is being donated to the church funds.
I strolled into a shop last Saturday and the lady behind the counter bought a copy for her husband for Christmas! Brilliant!

Things That Impress

La Defense - Paris

I have been fortunate to visit Paris on a number of occasions but only once did I have time to go out to La Defense. There are several aspects of the structure that impress. Obviously size, the fact that it looks like a picture frame; and, people work in there! It has clean, efficient lines and I think it is its minimalism that appeals.
Of course it does serve as a picture frame also. The photograph above is from the city side but if you walk to the far side and look back at the city you can see L'Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysses and in the far distance the Louvre at the far end of the Tuilleries Gardens. Very clever!
Finally, it is surrounded by ultra modern buildings of glass and concrete that contrasts starkly with the historically traditional structures of the rest of the city. It is akin to a breath of fresh air!

God Bless

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