Sunday, 6 November 2011

See-saw Saturday

As frustrating as Friday was Saturday was quick clean and satisfying! By the time lunch came round I'd completed, successfully, the uploading of a new version of 'I Have To Get It Right' to Smashwords. Then finished uploading the book cover for 'The 51st State' and it is now at the final stage - I have ordered a proof copy. A great feeling!

In continuing with the third Steele novel, 'The Biter Bit' I referred in an earlier blog about how I prepare for writing the next stage. It is natural for me to empathise with my lead character and imagine myself into his situation. That helps me prepare the emotional and physical aspects of what is coming next in the story. Then with the application of logic and imagination I can adjust the situation to perpetuate the tale keeping in mind the long term plan.

Travel tale - Rhodes, the beautiful Greek island, bathed in blistering sun in the August heat. Imagine the scene when in the hotel breakfast room. The food is fresh and clean looking but different from what one would expect in a hotel in the UK. My breakfast consisted of cheese, bread, Madeira cake smeared liberally with Greek yoghurt and honey - beautiful. After breakfast it was down to the hotel lido for a soak in the early morning, bearable, sun and the occasional toe in the water of the swimming pool. Around 11:00, off for a walk and a coffee at a nearby street side cafe. Having ordered and sitting enjoying the blissful relaxation, peace was shattered by overly loud English voices that assaulted the ears for the next twenty minutes. What were they talking about? The two middle aged couples were complaining about breakfast at the hotel in which we were staying! They would have preferred fried eggs and bacon like at home!
Simple question - Why did they bother paying out for a foreign holiday?

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