Sunday, 20 November 2011

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An amazing surprise this morning! By 08:00 I'd had over 100 visitors to my blog which when 30 - 40 for the full day is usual. I am so grateful. People are so kind and generous and that takes me on to the review of my 1st novel on Amazon. Its brilliant and I am truly thankful that someone thinks so highly of my work. It is what an artitst depends on! Please take a moment to read Jo King-von Bargen's review.

Regarding travel Tales I have been thinking on two lines. Do I change it or collect them all together and publish them? So what to write about today? I have taken you to the USA, Cairo, Netherlands, Yugoslavia, Japan and France so far. I have also visited other places, the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, and more. I have been very fortunate. Poland may be a risk! Here we go!

Travel Tale

It was quite a visit. There were only two of us and we travelled to Krakow in Poland. It was only for about a week. I had a number of new experiences. For example one evening we ate in the Jewish quarter and I ordered Gefilter Fish, pardon my spelling, but whether it was the restaurant or the selection it wasn't brilliant!
When we travelled from the airport into the city the train, for that was the mode of transport, was very modern but the track was overgrown with grass and weeds! Arriving at the station in Krakow the train was 18" below the platform and, being vertically challenged as I am, it was quite a climb from the train on to the platform.
The holiday was good and I enjoyed it immensely but there was one day trip, and it was our choice to go, that was extremely disturbing. We went to a museum of the 2nd World War, the concentration camp that was Auschwitz with its associated death camp at Birkenau. It is the latter with its tower that is probably most familiar.
Auschwitz is a large camp that had gas chambers and laboratories where infamous German scientists carried out experiments on the inmates. What it also had were several buildings with glass fronted sections full of the possessions of the people incarcerated there. There were two in particular that stuck in my mind; one was full of suitcases and shoes; and, the second was full of human hair! Now that I found really disturbing. There were lots of other sights that were upsetting but those two I will never forget.
It was a short trip to Birkenau from the main camp. This was where the trains pulled up with their human cargo. There were the remains of huts as far as the eye could see. There were a few that had been reconstructed as replicas and they contained two rows of bunk beds 3 tiers high and apparently each bunk held three people. The majority of the people were then sent to the gas chambers from these huts. It was purportedly a labour camp!
Remarkably it was from these two camps that Oscar Schindler rescued considerable numbers of Jews. If you are unfamiliar with the story watch the film 'Schindler's List'.

God knows how dreadful these places were for the inmates but in a perverse way I am pleased that I have visited them!

God Bless

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