Thursday, 3 November 2011

Technology and equipment

In view of the fact that I am writing thrillers with heroes who carry weapons and drive cars and are residents of the 21st century then technology and equipment are relevant in my writing. So a bit of research has been necessary to equip my 'team' to enable them to tackle the villains. This has been a process that I have found enjoyable and in some degree alarming as have one or two of my friends who have read the first book 'I Have To Get It Right'! It is amazing what you can find on Google! Click on the link to my website 'The Biter Bit' to see more.

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Once you have decided on the type of car your characters are going to drive then it is imperative that you maintain consistency and likewise with any weapons or equipment you decide that your heroes will benefit from. It's a little like writing a Christmas list without having to shell out any cash! Have fun! Advice to myself was - don't be too ambitious else the tools and gadgets seem to gather a life of their own and end up becoming more important than the people using them. For me the tales I am telling are about the people, their relationships and personalities as well as their aims.

Yesterday was a big editing day and I have completed the first complete edit of 'The 51st State' the second Steele novel. Remembering the previous experience of editing I know that once through is not enough, having said that I have taken a leap forward thanks to the Smashwords meat grinder and the formatting is now much improved. I am still on course for having this book out for Christmas although I must produce a cover that I am happy with and preferably today. Once I have completed that I can upload to, have an ISBN number assigned and order a proof copy to edit.

League Table


Belgium and Germany are on the same number of visitors mainly because my son, who lives in Brussels, is currently on holiday! New country represented yesterday is Malaysia.

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