Sunday, 20 November 2011

Things that impress!

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Two visitors from Finland yesterday which was a first and although I had a good day it was half that of Saturday.

After much thought I have decided to continue writing about my travels but more along the lines of incidents, that have left an impression. When we write our books one of the aims must be to convey emotion with which the reader can identify. Powerful images can generate the inspiration to write about such emotion.

Things That Impress

Visiting Japan in 2007 was a life changing experience from a number of standpoints. One of the most disturbing yet educational excursions was catching the Shinkansen, Bullet Train, from Osaka to Hiroshima. I love riding on trains but this one was amazing. I could be a real anorak and wax lyrical about 42 second turn around times, guards that bow on entering and leaving each carriage and so on but the point was to get to Hiroshima.

I remember it was a very hot and humid day without a cloud in the sky, and the city was crowded with tourists like ourselves. There were quite a few of us that had travelled together from Osaka. The city is, through past circumstance, modern! The memorial park and monuments are also modern and for me that made them all the more poignant. That is all except for the A Bomb Dome Building as seen below.

This was the only building left standing after the atom bomb exploded. The reason it escaped total destruction was that the bomb was designed to explode 600 feet above the ground to ensure the maximum killing effect. The A Bomb Dome Building was directly below the blast. It is now surrounded by neatly trimmed lawns and box privet hedges.

The next significant memorial is the Children's Memorial

It has a bell under that can be rung. It speaks for itself!

Finally, the Cenotaph

This is at the museum end of The Peace Park in which the three structures can be found. If you look carefully you can make out the A Bomb Dome .

The final part of our visit was through the museum. The visual impact of the memorials was powerful enough but as we queued through the museum and started putting real people, their lives before the bomb and the long term affects since the initial explosion it became quieter in the packed building until there were no more than hushed whispers as we left.

I was left with two emotions, anger and guilt. Anger that this had happened irrespective of the reasons and guilt for are we not all human beings? Countries the world over have been guilty of such atrocities at various times in their histories and my guilt came from the fact that I am a fellow human being!

As long as I live I will always remember the visit and how it made me feel and I should be ashamed if I ever forgot those feelings. The blog about my trip to Auschwitz and Birkenau in Poland that I wrote previously ranks in the same category.

Have you been left with strong emotions following an excursion?

God Bless

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