Wednesday, 30 November 2011

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Things That Impress

Today I was thinking about the ingenuity of humans which links to the amazing salt mine featured yeterday with its subterranean cathedral. It also draws in the awesome pyramids at Giza right through to the amazing constructions that are and have been erected in Dubai. On the face of it there seems to be no limit to what man can achieve. Ever tried to catch a train in the UK and get to a destination on time?

This does give a writer freedom to be as inventive as the imagination will take them when producing their work. The characters in books are the author's invention so why not imbue them with amazing abilities and properties. It is possible to be as far fetched or as mundane as you like.

Back to my trains! Another of my obsessions. Irrespective of how dirty and inefficient the service is in this country, I have travelled in this mode of transport in a number of countries abroad and encountered significant differences in the level of service.
I remember catching a train in the Netherlands from Maastricht and we had to change trains at s'Hertenegebosch (sorry about the spelling). There was time for a cup of coffee and a snack. Our drink was fresh ground and the snack was a freshly baked cream pastry. On the journey home we had a delay in King's Cross station in London and the drink there was tea that had been brewing for at least 8 hours and the snack, pre-packed, plastic tasting, apple pie!
Similarly, in Japan - another of my obsessions, buying tickets and catching the Shinkansen, bullet train, from Osaka to Hiroshima was brilliant. The tickets had three sets of numbers, a seat number, a platform number, and a number that indicated the position one should stand on the platform! The platforms are marked out so that people stood within there alotted slot and waited for the train. The end of the channel on the platform was where the train doors were when the train came to rest. This allowed space for passengers to alight and for new travellers to board. The turn around time was 43 seconds!

Just shows what we humans are capable of when we put our minds to it!


Azerbaijan, Yemen and United Arab Emirates dropped in yesterday - thank you all.

My title for the blog today is in support of the public worker strikes that are being carried out. I also link that with the anti-capitalist protests that are going on in the UK and USA. Too many people are suffering as a result of the billionaire culture hoarding and protecting their wealth.

God Bless

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